This project is the product of what happens when the client is brave, trusts the agency and gives a totally free hand to the animator/director, meaning the client says, “No, I wont meddle with this one.”
Director: Jan Bubenicek
Production: Boogie Films
Postproduction: R.U.R.
Matej Pospisil composed a number of concept sketches, which director Jan Bubenicek filtered and used for building the whole spot. The sketches were then refined by Matej to create final visuals that could be animated.
Matej's final visuals were animated by Patrik and Vladislav in After Effects. A few elements were converted to 3D in Blender for more appealing animation effects.
In the spot, the team wanted to merge traditional and modern animation; they went to great lengths to make sure that everything created in computers would have also been possible to produce 40 years ago through classical animation.

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